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Wanna go upstairs and have a drink? Soccer is most popular in Brazil. We walked through the mall, looking for a shoe store. His illness resulted from eating too much. He has an excellent falsetto range. You must employ your capital well. The umpire sits in a high chair at the side of the court. Our employees are our most valuable assets.

What do you say to playing tennis this afternoon? The perfect is the enemy of the good. She is heating water for the tea. I signed the lease today. I think you should add this sentence at any rate, if it's not yet part of our collection. Space's parents were murdered.

In the matter of boots, I refer to the authority of the bootmaker; concerning houses, canals, or railroads, I consult that of the architect or engineer. Mara had a conversation with Simon. Check back later today for the answer! I want to know what time you're planning to arrive.

Have any of you seen Maurice today? I felt very sad. Are you looking for him? I picked one. I'm going with you. My beloved is white and ruddy, chosen out of thousands. Peace-keeping troops moved in to restore calm after the battle.

She substituted margarine for butter. I have drunk all my milk. Ronald is sharpening a knife. You don't seem too happy to see us. There aren't any problems. It's a very allegorical description. I won't be able to teach you tomorrow. Where would you like to pitch the tent?

She phoned him several times but he was too busy to return her call. In a solid rocket, the propellants are mixed together and packed into a solid cylinder. Under normal temperature conditions, the propellants do not burn; but they will burn when exposed to a source of heat provided by an igniter. Once the burning starts, it proceeds until all the propellant is exhausted. It's easier to make money when you already have some. They're babies. Stop pushing. Raul used to spend a lot of time with his grandparents. Sri missed the net. That was a difficult period in American history. I understand that would be difficult. I look forward to meeting you.

He came back from the States. There won't be an alternative. Do you need a hand with that? In chemistry, can nitrogen form a single bond? They decided to exclude him from their circle. I am working at Alibaba. We won't be back. Colonia is a Uruguayan department situated in the south-west of the country. Do you know where he lives? I don't know how he can speak without taking the cigarette out of his mouth.

I suddenly got a craving to eat some crisp roast chicken skin. Samir looks like his mother. I can't be seen with you. Arlene talked Jos into buying his old car. He thinks he knows everything but, as a matter of face, he is very ignorant. I want an enlargement of this photograph. I pray God to bring these men to their senses. The passenger train rammed into a freight train, causing the death of hundreds of people.

I detest her. We've gone too far. Jussi will meet with all of you at 2:30. I've got anything. Ilya said good night to Sonja and left. Stacey is an excellent cricket player. You'd better try something else.

I cared about him. We were both pretty busy at that time. I hate your stupid stories. This is a terrible thing. He takes the attitude that resistance is a waste of energy. I assume your party was a success. As time goes on, my life gets worse and worse. I hate Sundays. I can't get my dress zipped up. You have nothing whatever to worry about.

Luis could be anywhere. What's going to happen that's so terrible? Stefan is a crossfit athlete.